List of Courses

Courses at BizChamp International College

BIC offers curriculum designed at preparing its students for the real world and its challenges from entry level to upper management and covering both private and public sectors in business, finance, hospitality, entertainment and fine dining.

Learning in BizChamp International College

Our courses utilize new learning platforms in analytical and practical skills training which blends the practical with the theoretical in its implementation and various strategies. All curricula at BIC, regardless of its intended purpose, are guided by the same general principles in business, management and theory, while created personally for each class and utilizing constantly updated materials.

Course Delivery

Our course delivery methods include one-to-one, web-based and combinations of both. Our students enjoy the experience and style of each our instructors. Via this Learning portal, much of the same material can be accessed at the time and place of each student’s choosing. There are also combinative variations of both of these methods. There are also many learning tools and resources to help all of our students achieve their educational goals.