Certificate In Upper-Intermediate English Course

Course Title:

Certificate In Upper-Intermediate English  Course

Course Developer:

BizChamp International College

Qualification to be Awarded upon Course Completion:

Certificate of Completion

Qualification to be Awarded by:

BizChamp International College

Course Description:

The final level in the English course delves into the more technical aspects of the language: how to add prefixes and suffixes to adjectives, gerunds and infinitives, suffixes and collocations, suggesting possibilities with modals, understanding the difference between literal and figurative expressions and uncovering meanings behind common phrasal verbs. Upon mastery, it enables students to play with the flexibility of words in their dialogues or written works.

This same flexibility in language can translate into better efficiency in terms of identifying problems and creating solutions and negotiating, which is especially important in a professional setting. In the same vein, from giving compliments to resolving disagreements, students would have picked up the required abilities to carry out effective communication in this Level.

Course Objectives:

  1. To be able to use the right conversational strategies at work place
  2. To be able to write reports
  3. To be able to do dynamic presentations using relative clauses
  4. To be able to handle complaints while being assertive
  5. To be able to use future tenses for future expressions
  6. To be able to discuss career paths to work abroad
  7. To be able to give feedback while using reporting verbs and to be able to conduct effective meetings
  8. To be able to use passives
  9. To be able to recommend and respond
  10. To be able to write clear email messages and how to emphasize and disagree
  11. To be able to request and thanks in a situation of negotiating

Course Modules:

Unit 1 – Social media

Unit 2 – Resources

Unit 3 – work-life balance

Unit 4 – Providing a service

Unit 5 – Looking into the future

Unit 6 – Developing a career

Unit 7 – Art for art’s sake

Unit 8 – Unique selling points

Unit 9 – Collaboration

Unit 10 – Customer choice

Mode of Delivery:

Hybrid (Face-to-Face and virtual classroom)


4 Months

Class Frequency:

1 session per week, 3 hours per session (Part time)

Total Contact Hours:

48 hours

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 18 years of age

Pass a minimum score of 50% in Upper-intermediate Internal Placement Test


Pass a minimum score of 50% in Intermediate English Course Examination

Language Requirements:

An Intermediate level knowledge of English

Requirements for Graduation:

Need to pass a minimum score of 50% from overall assessment

Type of assessment:

100% Consists of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

Course Fees:


Teacher to Student Ratio


Course Commencement Date

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