Certificate In Intermediate English Course

Course Title:

Certificate In Intermediate English Course

Course Developer:

BizChamp International College

Qualification to be Awarded upon Course Completion:

Certificate of Completion

Qualification to be Awarded by:

BizChamp International College

Course Description:

Intermediate level tackles a wide variety of techniques for a more well-rounded conversational capability. In keeping to the protocol of today’s civilized societies, students will learn the language functions from networking, delegating tasks, making arrangements, giving opinions, giving advice and suggestions to describing problems and finding solutions, discussing and reaching agreement, checking understanding and clarifying, changing plans and catching up.

In today’s connected world, it is also unavoidable to be engaged in discussions about news or gossips. Therefore, students will be practicing a more advanced yet extremely useful skill of bringing across their opinions. This is in line with the course’s objective of honing relevance and refinement in the learners’ delivery.

Course Objectives:

  1. To be able to use tenses correctly
  2. To be able to talk about future with the appropriate modals
  3. To be able to make comparisons
  4. To be able to give opinions
  5. To be able to describe problems and find solutions
  6. To be able to talk about idioms and prefixes
  7. To be able to discuss and reach agreement at the work place
  8. To be able to use passive
  9. To be able to answer job interviews

Course Modules:

Unit 1 – Making connections

Unit 2 – International design

Unit 3 – Future lifestyles

Unit 4 – Heritage

Unit 5 – Fashion and function

Unit 6 – Using innovation

Unit 7 – Work styles and careers

Unit 8 – Processes

Unit 9 – The business of sport

Unit 10 – Great partnerships

Mode of Delivery:

Hybrid (Face-to-Face and virtual classroom)


4 Months

Class Frequency:

1 session per week, 3 hours per session (Part time)

Total Contact Hours:

48 hours

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 18 years of age

Pass a minimum score of 50% in Intermediate Internal Placement Test


Pass a minimum score of 50% of Pre-Intermediate English Course Examination.

Language Requirements:

A Pre-Intermediate knowledge of English or Certificate in Pre-Intermediate English

Requirements for Graduation:

Need to pass a minimum score of 50% from overall assessment

Type of assessment:

100% Consists of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

Course Fees:


Teacher to Student Ratio


Course Commencement Date

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