Beginner English Course

Course Title:

Certificate In Beginner English Course

Course Developer:

BizChamp International College

Qualification to be Awarded upon Course Completion:

Certificate of Completion

Qualification to be Awarded by:

BizChamp International College

BizChamp English Beginner course uses the textbook from Oxford International Express which consists of 10 units and each unit has four sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Work skills and Functions. One unit is six pages and is followed by a Review section of four pages.

It is the ideal blend of business and general English, with a strong communicative focus. The syllabus is with global lifestyle topics, stunning video in every unit and it is specifically designed to get adult learners talking.

Students will learn on their vocabulary in the areas of food and drinks, work, days, months and dates, airports, hotels, countries and nationalities. At the end of the course, the new conversation skills are expected to also help students articulate their jobs, favourite activity and home country beyond the self-introduction.

Course Objectives:

  1. To be able to introduce and greet people
  2. To be able to introduce about their work such as professions, schedules etc. and exchange personal information
  3. To be able to offer and accept food and drinks
  4. To be able to mention days, months, dates in conversation
  5. To be able to make an arrangement for a meeting
  6. To be able to talk about things that they like; making suggestions
  7. To be able to take orders while eating out
  8. To be able to discuss about travelling
  9. To be able to write an email related to travelling
  10. To be able to make requests
  11. To be able to give and check information while checking in and out of a hotel
  12. To be able to ask for and give directions
  13. To be able to make plans using “going to”

Course Modules:

Unit 1 – Pleased to meet you

Unit 2 – Getting to know you

Unit 3 – In the city

Unit 4 – Ready to go

Unit 5 – Trains & boats & planes

Unit 6 – The good life

Unit 7 – High flyer

Unit 8 – Living in the past

Unit 9 – All around the world

Unit 10 – Making plans

Mode of Delivery:

Hybrid (Face-to-Face and virtual classroom)


4 Months

Class Frequency:

1 session per week, 3 hours per session (Part time)

Total Contact Hours:

48 hours

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 18 years of age

Language Requirements:

Zero knowledge of English

Requirements for Graduation:

Need to pass a minimum score of 50% from overall assessment

Type of assessment:

90% Consists of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
10% Class Participation

Course Fees:


Teacher to Student Ratio


Course Commencement Date

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