Student Counseling Services

Welcome to Student Counseling Services. BizChamp International College is here to help you reach your academic objectives. We provide counseling for students who may be facing personal financial issues or struggling to reach academic goals. BizChamp is here to provide the resources you need to relieve stress and manage college life. Individual Counseling is provided for students who may have an issue with a teacher or student.

Talk to a trusted counselor, get emotional support and reach your educational aims. Explore the solutions to your problems with Student Counseling Services. Group support and coping skills are offered in counseling. Please take advantage of the resources if you feel you need to talk to someone. BizChamp Student Counseling Services can help you in following ways:
  • Build coping skills to handle daily stressors
  • Make better personal financial decisions
  • Group support or individual therapy to talk about solutions
  • Emotional support and acceptance
  • Relieve stress and understand the importance of mental health
  • Be part of a supportive community

Call us today at: 62528003